How can we help with the recovery and normalization of the healthcare sector?

Due to the current emergency state generated by the COVID-19, different groups of chronic patients are now required to assume greater responsibility and autonomy when it comes to the treatment of their pathology. In some cases, visits to health centers or hospitals have been reduced, encouraging greater use of digital tools to facilitate remote patient follow-up. It is imperative that we prepare the health system for exceptional situations that allow us to improve the patient's relationship with the health ecosystem (doctors, caregivers, hospital pharmacy, etc.) as well as to share knowledge from the medical community in an agile and remote way.

Use cases

Telemedicine to respond to bottlenecks that may occur due to slowed or paused patient follow-up during the crisis period

Engagement tools to improve treatment follow-up and empower the patient to be able to, to know and to want to improve the self-management of their pathology

Digital medical communities that allow for the digital, quick and effective sharing of knowledge related to the world of health

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